Liquid Hero Pilsner 4.8%, Pilsner, York, PA                         6.5
Clear gold, floral hops, crisp, little malt, honey, sharp

Evolution DelMarVa 4.8%, Czech Pilsner, ML                   6.5
Golden yellow, earthy, grassy, touch of corn, biscuits, wood, semi- citrus

Atwater Dirty Blonde 4.5%, Pale Wheat Ale, Detroit, MA    6
Straw gold, grainy malt, herbal hops, spicy, grassy, floral, crisp

DownEast Winter Blend 6.5%, Cider, Boston, MA      6.5
Clear straw, wheat, lemon, floral hop aroma, hay, citrus, grass 

Goose Island Madame Rose 6.7%, Belgian Sour Ale, IL    12
Crimson color, sour & funky, aged on cherries in wine barrels, wild yeast, spice

Founders Reds Rye 6.6%, Rye IPA, MI                                6
Cloudy dark amber, hoppy & spicy, malty, juicy, dry finish

Duck-Rabbit Brown Ale 5.6%, Brown Ale, NC                    6.5
Hazy brown, bitter, spicy, nutty, malty, bitter harsh citrus

Saugatuck Neapolitan Milk Stout 6%, Sweet Stout, MI    6.5
Dark brown, Neapolitan ice cream, rich chocolate, vanilla, strawberry

Cider, Sour & Fruit Beers

Blackledge Winery PENN’S Cider, 7.6%, Dry Cider, PA       20
Unfiltered, heirloom apples, raisins, spices, natural yeast, NO sulfites

Wyndridge Farm, 5.5%, Off-dry Cider, PA                          5.5
Straw, pleasantly fruity, off-dry and crisp

Wyndridge Crafty Cranberry, 5.5%, Cider, Pa                   5.5
Pink, fresh clean, cranberry

Fruli, 4.1%, Strawberry Fruit Beer, Belgium                       7
Zesty fruitiness, natural, soft and refreshing drink

Founders Rubaeus, 5.7% Raspberry Summer, MI              5.5
Deep red, tart “real” raspberry, not overly sweet, clean and refreshing

Owl’s Brew Radler, Short and Stout, 5%, FL                      5.5
Brown, beer and tea, cinnamon, brown sugar, mild cardamom, cocoa, coconut

Victory Sour Monkey, 9.5%, Wild Ale, PA                         6.5
Yellow- amber color, apple, white grapes, champagne aroma, green pears

Paradox OSA Frambueso 16.9oz, 8.3%, Wild Ale, PA      25
Auburn, oak aged, ripe raspberry, wild sour

Paradox Hibiscus 16.9oz, 5.0%, Sour Ale, PA                25
Pink, hibiscus flowers, lemon drop hops, citrusy and crisp, bright

Paradox Strawbasil 16.9oz, 7.7%, American Wild Ale, CO          25
Hazy amber, basil, strawberry, oak, sourness, rhubarb, herbal


Goose Island Bourbon County Stout, 13.8%, IL                   35
Charred oak, vanilla, caramel, smoke


Kirin Light 3.3%, Light Lager, Japan                                   5
Straw yellow, sweet grains & malt, touch of hop bitterness

Troegs Dreamweaver 4.8%, German Wheat, PA                    6
Golden, cloudy wheat ale, spicy, peppery, clove taste, hint of bananas

Southampton Double White 6.6%, German Wheat, NY   5.5
Golden & slightly hazy, lemon custard, pale malt, orange peel, light body

New Belgium Glutiny 5.2%, Gluten Free Golden, NC     5.5
Clean pale golden, doughy, buttery malt, mild floral notes 

Spencer 6.5%, Belgian Pale Ale, MA                                  7.5
Golden-hued, spicy & fruity accent, light hop, full body, dry finish

Duck-Rabbit 5.5%, Amber Ale, NC                                        6
Bronze, caramel malt, wheat bread, complex flavors with medium-body

Bear Republic “Grand Am” 6%, APA, CA                           5.5
Hazy Chestnut, rich malt, assertive yet sessionable hops

Ithaca Flower Power 7.5%, IPA, NY                                  6.5
Hazy honey golden, tropical fruits, solid bitter aftertaste

Fat Head’s Head Hunter, IPA, 7.5%, OH                             6.5
Coppery, grapefruit, pine, malts, bitter herbal, thick citrusy, dry finish

New Belgium Voodoo Ranger, 7% IPA, CO                     6.5
Amber, sweet malts, grapefruit rind, piney hops, citrus, grassy

Leffe Brune 6.5%, Belgian Brown Ale, Belgium          5.5
Delicate taste of vanilla and clove, toffee and caramel

Rogue Ales, Chocolate Stout, American Stout, 5.8%, OR 17.5
Dark, malt, bitterness, sugar, caramel, chocolate milk


Erdinger NA 0.5% low alcohol beer, Germany              5
Pale straw, sweet and vegetal, hints of bitter hops, light body




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