Small Plates

Tuna Tartare       13
Ginger, cilantro, jalapeno, wasabi, tomato, scallion

Fried Chicken Drumsticks       8.5
Ethiopian spice, sweet & spicy slaw

Crab Empanada      15
Maryland blue crab, boursin, mango salsa

Fried Cheese “Saganaki”        10
Lime, jalapeno, cilantro

Goat Cheese Croquette       6.5
Red pepper sauce, scallion, potato

Bacon Wrapped Dates       8.5
Almond, roasted red pepper sauce

Spinach Pie       7
Kale, swiss chard, spinach, feta cheese

Shrimp       13
Panko crusted, Thai sweet chili sauce

Octopus       14
Spanish pulpo, mango, aged balsamic, arugula

Honey Tomato Bruschetta       8.5
Whipped ricotta, thyme, basil

Portobello Fries        8
Truffle & mustard aoili 

Truffle Hamburger
Gruyere, cremini, truffle mayo, onion

Korean Fried Wings       10.5
Sweet & spicy soy garlic sauce, sesame

Avocado Yogurt Dip       8
Za’atar spiced pita crisps


Mushroom & Goat Cheese       12
Cremini, scallion, red pepper

Beef Filet Tip       14
Roasted red pepper, cremini, red onion, boursin

Prosciutto       12
Garbanzo, gruyere, arugula, cherry tomato

Shrimp Flatbread       13
Garbanzo, manchego, chorizo, bell pepper

Olive oil, cracked black pepper, rosemary, thyme



Chorizo Panino       7.5
Spanish chorizo, bell pepper, manchego

Grilled Cheese       8
Provolone, fontina, parmesan, tomato, pesto


Brebirousse D’Argental (sheep) (France)
Creamy, silky, brie like

Prairie Breeze (cow) (Iowa)
Sweet, nutty, grassy notes, almond

Matica Leonora (goat) (Spain)
Flaky, creamy texture, mold rind

Camembert (sheep & cow) (NY)
Thick texture, mild well-salted flavor

Cremont (goat & cow) (Vermont)
Rich, creamy, earthy, brie                +$1

Arzua Ulloa (cow) (Spain)
Soft & creamy, rich, buttery

Guntensberg (cow) (Switzerland)
Densely creamy, buttered popcorn

Cabra Romero (goat) (Spain)
Herb-crusted, tangy-sour, creamy texture

Madaio Calcagno (sheep) (Italy)
Pecorino, savory & sweet                   +$2

Taleggio (cow) (Italy)
Meaty, rich, nutty & fruity

Fat Cat (cow) (PA)
Earthy, tangy, grassy finish, semi-soft

Tomme Crayeuse (cow) (France)
Creamy, dense, chalky, mushroomy

Blue D’Auvergne (cow) (France)
Mellow & meaty, sweet, salt & spice

Choice of 3      19
Choice of 4      29

Tasso Ham (LA)
Cajun spiced, savory, sweet, spicy

Nduja (en ‘dew yuh) (NJ)
Spicy, spreadable pork sausage      +$1

Jamon Serrano (Spain)
Hog leg aged over 8 months       +$2

Prosciutto di San Daniele (Italy)
Cured hog leg, mild & delicate       +$2

Lardo (MN)
Cured backfat        +$1

Felino Salami (Italy)
Fennel, black pepper

Spanish Chorizo (Spain)
Smoky, hot paprika       +$1

Pheasant Pate (CA)
Pheasant, pork, fig, pistachio & port wine

Smoked Duck (CA)
Smoked magret duck breast


Warm Apple Tarte Tatin      6
Vanilla ice cream

Ice Cream Sandwich          6
Vanilla ice cream, shortbread cookie, caramel

Dark Chocolate Pudding       7
Whipped cream, cocoa nibs

Bourbon Crème Bruleé       6
Torched superfine sugar, candied walnut

Banana Parfait      6
Vanilla ice cream, banana, maple glazed pecan


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